First Lecture Notes

About this course
  Review of syllabus
  You are expected to keep up
  Socratic style
  In-class exercises
  Time-intensive (2+ hours / day, 5-7 days / week)
  It's supposed to be fun

What is a computer?
  It's a machine (EE, bio, whatever)
  It "processes information" (turning power into heat)
  Parts of a computer
    It has "storage" (teeny tiny switches)
    It has a "CPU" (teeny tiny "logic" circuits)
    It has "I/O" (more electricity and stuff)
  It is the most complex thing humans can build
    Modular architecture
    Layered architecture
  It is mostly deterministic (= repeatable)

How do I program it?
  Is programming a science, engineering, an art, a craft, math, other?
  What's the programming "process"? (same as any making)
    Figure out what you want
    Figure out how to make it
    Make it
    Figure out whether its the right thing made right
  The more tools / techniques / practices you have access to,
  the easier it is
  Who do I program with?
    With folks online
    With folks in a room
  What's hard about it?
    Lots of thinking per unit typing
    Easy to make mistakes
    Hard to estimate how fast it will go
  What's fun about it?
    Build really useful stuff
    Learn a ton as you work (about more than just computers)
    Makes for great career options
    Comes with a community (work in cross-disciplinary teams)
    Fairly "idiot-proof"

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