Obtaining Python

Jeremy Higgins has graciously posted links to the latest Python versions on the python.org website, as well as an installation hint, on the course discussion page. Here they are:

* The installer will try to install this to your 32-bit Program Files folder by default. To operate at 64-bit speed, you will need to manually switch the installation folder to Program Files (x86).

I believe that all of these include a version of IDLE. Someone should let me know if I'm wrong. There's some notes on the detailed installation page about getting the proper TCL/Tk for Mac OS X IDLE.

As I noted in class, you may prefer version 3.3.3 of Python, or you may prefer version 3.1 as used in the book. The differences are pretty minor, so either should work fine.

If you are running Linux, install Python according to your distro vendor's instructions: for Ubuntu or Debian or Mint, for example, you should just be able to say "apt-get install idle-python3.3" and you should be good to go.

Last modified: Monday, 6 January 2014, 11:25 PM