Notes on the midterm exam

tl;dr: The Midterms will be next Monday and Wednesday in FAB 55-17. You need to watch your email to find out when you need to be there.

I started looking at the class size and lab size this afternoon, and determined that, due to a record high attendance and low drop rate, we're going to need more than one class period to put everyone through the midterm. So...

Midterms will be Monday 10 February and Wednesday 12 February during our regular class time of 2-4 PM in the FAB Intel Lab, Fourth Avenue Building Room 55-17. You should receive email notification shortly *through your PSU email address* as to the date and time you need to be there. The exam sessions will be about 45 minutes. You need not be present next week except during your scheduled exam time.

Please go find the FAB 55-17 lab and log into a computer there this week, and make sure you come to your midterm session at the lab with your password, a working account and your engineering notebook. There's 108 of us to deal with, so there will be *no exceptions* (except severe medical emergency)--please get this right the first time.

If you are registered for special exam accommodations, this would be a good time to email me so that we can set something up.
Last modified: Monday, 3 February 2014, 9:51 PM