HW 2 - Elementary Logic

Selected exercises from the (3rd edition) course textbook. Complete exercises 6.2.1b,c; 6.2.5; 6.2.6; 6.2.8c,d; 6.2.9c,f; 6.2.11c,d; 6.2.12c,d. It is awkward to type the propositional symbols ¬ ∧ ∨ → ≡ etc into a computer. For this reason, you may use the words "not", "and", and "or", the symbol "->", and the symbol "=" for equivalence instead. If you use other alternate notation make sure to explain it in your work. Recall that these assignments will be only very loosely graded. If you have a specific question for the grader, put it in square brackets and start it with "Question for grader:", e.g. "[Question for grader: Why am I typing this?]". Please do not submit Word docs, as I can pretty much promise that they will arrive unreadable. Unicode, ASCII, PDF are all fine. If you like, you can use pencil and paper and submit it in class or put it in the TA's CS Dept mailbox.