HW 1 - The Ethical Environment

Complete the following 5 tasks. For each URL, provide a brief explanation. You are not allowed to share answers or comments.

1. Find URLs for three sites that contain a code of ethics for computer scientists or software engineers. Two of the sources should be well-known professional organizations in computing (e.g. ACM).

2. Find a URL for a site that contains a code of ethics for a discipline OTHER than for Computer Scientists and/or Software Engineers (e.g. mechanical engineering).

3.  Explain how the code of ethics for (1) and (2) are similar. Also explain how they are different in theme, if at all.

4. Locate a web page that contains information that could be used as a guide when developing a Code of Ethics for yourself or a company.  The site should be from a reputable organization or individual.

5. Find a URL that provides guidance to an individual who finds a significant legal or ethical problem within an organization but is afraid to report it.