HW 5: sequ L3 and L4

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Formats and Numbering For "sequ"

CS 300 Homework 5

In this homework you will implement CL3 and CL4 of the sequ specification.

  1. Start a text file of notes on what you're about to do. As you work on this assignment, make notes about you findings and progress. You will turn in your notes at the end.

  2. Read CL3 and CL4 of the sequ spec. Note down any questions and concerns you have about it.

  3. Write tests for CL3 and CL4 of sequ. Be sure to have enough tests to catch problems with your implementation.

  4. Write pseudocode for any parts of CL3 and CL4 of sequ that you think need it. Check your pseudocode into the repo.

  5. Write CL3 and CL4 of sequ. Verify that it passes your tests. Record test results and debugging steps in your notes.

Please turn in your notes on your process, via the Moodle. You may submit textfiles, or, if you must, PDF. Please do not submit files from proprietary applications (such as Word's .doc or OpenOffice's .odw): they will be ignored during grading.