HW 4: Pick A Project

Homework: Pick A Project

Bart Massey 2013-11-25

For your last assignment, you are asked to find a project that interests you and tackle it. Anything we have discussed in the class is fair game as a topic area, as is anything in the course textbook (whether we have discussed it or not). I will not say ``no'' to any reasonable topic, so if you want to do something outside of the course/book, please discuss it with me.

Your basic methodology should be to try to use an AI method to answer an interesting question, or to build a demonstration of an AI method. You will be responsible for locating or generating any test data you need, for producing some software as part of your process, and for a writeup that clearly explains what you did and how it went.

I expect 4-6 hours of effort on this project for CS 441 students, and 6-8 hours for CS 541 students. Thus, you will need to keep the size and scope of your project small.

Turn in your code, writeup, and anything else relevant to understanding what you did.

Good luck and have fun!