Rust Programming Exercises

Follow the instructions at to get set up for Exercism in Rust.

Do the following exercises:

  • hello-world
  • leap
  • bob
  • proverb
  • pythagorean-triplet
  • series
  • collatz-conjecture
  • saddle-points
  • isogram
  • say

You can fetch each exercise with exercism fetch rust/<exercise> once you have the exercism app installed. An exercise is complete when it passes all tests. Make sure you have enabled all tests in its testfile.

Once you have all exercises complete: * cargo clean each directory to remove binaries * Add a in your top directory describing lessons learned, things that didn't work, etc. Doesn't need to be much. * Use zip to bundle the whole thing up and submit it here.

Solutions are available online. Please don't use them: I'm trusting you on this. There is a discussion forum for Exercism. I'd recommend our Slack instead.