Course Project Proposal

Please upload a one-page PDF proposal describing what you want to do for your project this quarter. Include (a) the topic area, (b) the specific project vision, (c) a "roadmap" describing the phases of the project and when you expect to complete them, and (d) discussion of any issues of concern you might have.

Course Project Parameters

Course projects are due no later than Friday of the last week of classes (8 June).

Students are encouraged to work in small teams. if you want a team size larger than four, please contact me for approval. Project requirements are as follows:

  • For CS 410P students: A Rust crate consisting of roughly 500+ lines of code per student performing a coherent function. Can be a binary or library crate. Code should be written in a reasonable modular style, following coding standards and including internal unit tests, and should be managed using a Git repository. Project should include a writeup describing what was built, how it worked, what doesn't work, and what lessons were learned.

  • For CS 510 students: Either (a) the above plus a 1-2 page whitepaper describing the theory or principles of the project and related work, or (b) a 5-10 page scholarly paper discussing some aspect of Rust and Rust programming in detail, including related work and appropriate references and bibliography.