Programming By Strengthening Of Invariants

Bart Massey 2013-11-07


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  • Programming by strengthening of invariants
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Misc Notes


  • In-class quiz

Programming By Strengthening Of Invariants

  • Upon input, your routine may have complicated state

    • Messy parameters

    • Unknown global and module state

  • Idea: Program by successively handling messy side cases until you get to the main case

    • With each handled case, return from the routine

    • Within a case, use break and continue inside loops to get to return points

  • End result: Code that reads cleanly top-to-bottom, with each section performing a clear and useful function

Establishing Invariants

  • At the start of each handled case, indicate with a comment what is being handled and why

  • Implicitly (else explicitly) be able to give an account of invariants (things that must be true) after every statement

  • Invariants should get stronger and stronger, making the code easier and easier


  • In-class demo of programming by strengthening invariants
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