Coin War - Assignment

Your job is to implement a Python player for the game of Coin War, as described elsewhere. Your player should output in roughly the same format as the sample game shown in the game rules.

You need not write your own tests for this game. Instead, I have supplied 10 tests that your program should pass elsewhere. Each test consists of an initial state and an expected game result. To run these tests, you will have to write your program so that it can optionally take a given initial state rather than randomly generating one itself, either from the test file or by typing it in by hand.

Extra Credit: Put a graphical user interface (GUI) on your program and allow a human to play against the computer. Do it however you like. I don't know what "Extra Credit" means here: a few points plus a pat on the back, probably. Usually the folks that claim it are the ones who don't need it anyhow.

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