Lecture 10-1

Software as a Human Activity

Lecture 10-1
Bart Massey 2015-11-30

Heads Up

  • Today we'll talk about software as a human activity

  • This is a bigger-picture topic

  • Themes

    • SE is people (People!)
    • SE impacts society

SE Is People

  • Probably the single biggest lesson this course fails to teach

  • It is remarkable how much software is built in a year

  • Obviously, all of this is not built by well-trained geniuses

    • Perhaps this is a good thing?
  • SE is about making it possible for ordinary people to build extraordinary programs

Overhead Is People

  • We try to reduce overhead and rework in SE

  • But people don't work like that

    • People are social animals
    • People plunge forward
  • Maybe better to just put hard stops where people will screw up, and then let them behave like people

Scrum In One Slide

  • Agile Method

  • c.f. Wikipedia

  • Roles: Product Owner, Developer, Scrum Master

  • Workflow: Series of 2-weekish Sprints

    • Planning, Daily Stand-Ups, Review and Retrospective
    • Planning Poker
  • Artifacts: Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Product Increment, Burn-Down Chart

Impacts Of Software

  • Captain Obvious checks in

  • Software is everywhere, creates its own ecosystem

    • So think hard during requirements, design, risk analysis
  • Software is expensive

    • Complex thing with lots of thought in it
    • Not to be entered into lightly
    • (The Internet is serious business)
  • Software is fragile

    • No derating
    • Terrible V&V
    • Unintended consequences

What You Can Do

  • Act ethically

  • Educate the public

  • Provide responsible review

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