HW 5 - Coin Matching

CS 161 Homework 5
Bart Massey

Let's build a really simple GUI interface. We'll use the tkinter module as described in Chapter 10 of the textbook.

We're going to build a GUI for the ancient game of "Coin Matching". In this game you pick heads or tails, and the computer flips a coin. If you guessed correctly, you get a point; otherwise the computer gets a point.

Your GUI might look something like this:

Picture of coin matching GUI

You may provide graphics, but you needn't do so: Just making the GUI text game work is sufficient.

Submit your source code as coinmatch.py. Also write a brief report on how it went. Please also submit a screenshot of your GUI in operation.

As always you can submit either with multiple file uploads or with the upload of a ZIP file containing your work. No Word or other non-standard document formats, please: text (preferred), PDF or similar is fine.