HW 6 (extra credit) - Fishing GUI

CS 161 Homework 6
Extra Credit: Not Required! (see note at bottom)
Bart Massey

It would be good to put a GUI interface on your fishing game from HW3. We'll use the tkinter module as described in Chapter 10 of the textbook.

The GUI should replace the command-line interface of the fishing program, allowing the same basic activities that HW 3 provided for, with the exception of help, scores and test. That is, your GUI program should provide a way to register new users, a way to fish as a registered user, and a way to cast.

You may provide pictures, but you needn't do so: Just making the GUI text game work is sufficient.

Here's a screenshot from my GUI.

gfishing GUI screenshot

Your GUI may look quite different.

This assignment is extra credit. It may be used, at the instructor's discretion, to replace a missing or poor-quality homework. It will have no effect on exam scores. It might also be that you just want to do it for fun.

Submit your source code as gfishing.py. Also write a brief report on how it went, and include a screenshot of your GUI. As always you can submit either with multiple file uploads or with the upload of a ZIP file containing your work. No Word or other non-standard document formats, please: text (preferred), PDF or similar is fine.