HW 1B: Grade your HW 1

Give yourself a score for your Homework 1 as follows [10 points possible]:

  • ZIP archive contains no binary files [1 point]

  • ZIP archive contains README in Markdown format, Cargo.toml, src/main.rs (unless otherwise arranged) [1 point]

  • Program is formatted according to normal Rust formatting standards, including reasonable whitespace and proper indentation [1 point]

  • Code is adequately commented [1 point]

  • Program compiles and runs on a Linux box under Rust 1.25 [1 point]

  • On all tested inputs, program either terminates with 0 exit status after printing a correct answer, or terminates with non-zero exit status after printing an appropriate error message. (Code may panic, but must print a reasonable error message when doing so.) [1 point]

  • Provided system tests cover a reasonable set of use cases and include both input and expected output [1 point]

  • Unit tests are provided for all "interesting" units in the code, using the Rust #[test] facility [1 point]

  • Writeup in README describes the development and test process adequately [2 points]